An Insight Into Bulk Bag’s Top/Bottom Design & Loop Design

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Bulk bags are a necessity for many industries, and knowing about them is the best way to decide what suits your requirements best wisely. The bulk bags are offered in a variety of sizes and configurations. One of the things that often go unnoticed by the industry person’s awareness about the bulk bags is top-bottom/filling-discharging options and loop designs.
Discover the different types of bulk bag’s top/bottom closures.
FIBC bulk bags have proven to be very efficient when it comes to storing and transportation of a variety of products or materials. Commonly known as the versatile bulk packaging option, this has the following multiple bottom closure options.

1. Discharge spout:
The discharge spout is on the bottom of the bulk bag. It is considered the basic one with a discharge spout at the end, and it remains closed until you are ready to take the product out. The discharge spout comes in multiple sizes, and also you can customise it according to your product’s characteristics.

You can control it, direct the discharge directly, and also it doesn’t harm the bag.
2. Iris closure:
It is similar to discharge spout with an addition, which is, it is equipped with a safety valve that allows you to choke the neck and control the flow of material. It is suitable for those who have to deal with the storage and transportation of hazardous products.

3. Star closure or petal closure:
It is an extension of discharge spout with cover. A cover is a fabric sewn between the spout and the petal closure. This is to hold or protect the spout. If your product requires more shield from contamination, then this is for you!

4. Discharge spout with flap:
The discharge spout with flap, also known as a sanitary flap, is a bottom diaper that protects the bag’s entire bottom surface from wearing and tearing.

5. B-lock closure:
B-Lock Closure is for fixing the discharge spout skirt within. It is a design that is used for both top spout and bottom spout. For some circumstances, a b-lock with remote release can be added to the bulk bag so that it can be emptied at a safe distance.

6. Conical bottom:
Shaped like a cone at the bottom, these bags are especially suitable to pack products like clay, slurries, etc. The conical shape allows the discharge of the material easily.

7. Full open discharge:
It is a full open dump. The outlet extends from the bottom seam and follows the bag dimension.

Top Design

Here are some of the top designs of FIBC bags –

1. Cone Top:
It is a variation of the inlet! In this, the top is a pyramid-type that allows over-filling of the bag. One can tie the top once it is overfilled. It is also called a conical top.

2. Duffel Top:
This is a type of FIBC bag top that is similar to a duffel bag. It has an inlet that extends from the top seam and follows the bag’s dimensions. It is also called a ‘Skirt top’.

3. Open top:
Open Top bags are usually characterised by a flat or spout bottom. These are commonly used for building materials, and similar applications.

4. Tie-Down Flap Top Bulk Bags:
Ideal for quick-filling operations, the tie-down flap top FIBCs have a flap that closes and can be tied down to ensure the product load is securely stored and also transported.

5. Spout top:
Spout top FIBCs are the most common types! This is ideal for controlled filling, the spout top can be closed and tied to ensure safe transportation and storage.

Know about the lift loops:

1. Corner seam loops:
In this type, each corner has a lift loop sewn into the seam of the bag. It is a cost-effective option.

2. Cross corner loops:
Like corner seam loops with a difference, the lift loops are not sewn into the seam of the bag but sewn into 8 points in opposite corners of the bag.

3. Lift tunnel loops:
The tunnel-like loops are sewn on either side of the bag. It is an efficient style, and using it is easier for forklifts.


For the strength of the loop, a perimeter band is best!
A perimeter band or safety belt is a band that is sewn around the outside perimeter of the top of the bag. It is designed to give extra strength to lifting loops when filling.
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