Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC) are the most popular form of bulk goods packing bags.

Majorly FIBC Bag useful for the transport and storage of loose materials, these flexible containers are available in a wide variety and therefore are suitable for a number of applications in the food, minerals, chemicals, and agriculture industries.

FIBC Bags are manufactured with different numbers of lifting loops, such as there can be one, two, or four as per customer’s request and are also available with LDPE liners to allow safe storage of highly hygroscopic goods. Bags stitches can be additionally sealed for specific material.

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  • Convenient, fast loading and unloading of a large volume of goods by means of mechanized equipment.

  • Fast and efficient distribution.

  • Reusable

  • Fully Recyclable

  • Cost-effective due to less transport cost and more storage space

  • Easy and safe transport of goods

  • Made of polypropylene fabric of different basis weights and strength parameters

  • Coated/laminated with PP to protect goods from moisture and dust

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