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Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC) are the most popular form of bulk goods packing bags.

If you’re in the business of storing and transporting bulk goods, then you need to choose the right FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) for your needs. Choosing the right FIBC can make all the difference in the efficiency and safety of your operations. Thus, as a trusted, reliable and reputed FIBC bags manufacturer in India we provide you the most appropriate FIBC Bag for your specific business needs.

Majorly useful for the transport and storage of loose materials, these flexible containers are available in a wide variety and therefore are suitable for a number of applications in the food, minerals, chemicals, and agriculture industries.

FIBC Bags are manufactured with different numbers of lifting loops, such as there can be one, two, or four as per customer’s request and are also available with LDPE liners to allow safe storage of highly hygroscopic goods. Bags stitches can be additionally sealed for specific material.

Sudarshan Addpack Pvt. Ltd is a global leader in manufacturing and supplying FIBC Bulk Bags in Chile, PP Woven Fabrics / Bags and BOPP Woven Bag. Headquartered in India, we have an existing customer base in the USA, Chile, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Uruguay, France, Italy and Israel.

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  • calculating weight of fibc bag

    Convenient, fast loading and unloading of a large volume of goods by means of mechanized equipment.

  • calculating weight of fibc bag

    Fast and efficient distribution.

  • calculating weight of fibc bag


  • calculating weight of fibc bag

    Fully Recyclable

  • calculating weight of fibc bag

    Cost-effective due to less transport cost and more storage space

  • calculating weight of fibc bag

    Easy and safe transport of goods

  • calculating weight of fibc bag

    Made of polypropylene fabric of different basis weights and strength parameters

  • calculating weight of fibc bag

    Coated/laminated with PP to protect goods from moisture and dust

calculating weight of fibc bag

Types We Manufacture

FIBC Bag Supplier in India, USA & Chile

FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) bags, also known as bulk bags or big bags, are large, flexible containers designed for transporting and storing dry, flowable bulk materials. These bags are made from woven polypropylene fabric and can hold anywhere from 2000 to 3000 pounds of material, depending on their size and weight capacity. In the present scenario FIBC’s have significantly gained increasing popularity due to its vast variety of supportive features; it has been used as a bulk container in multiple industries. Thus, being the leading, reputed and expert FIBC Manufacturer in India, USA, Chile and several other countries we are here to introduce the various common and beneficial uses of these bulk containers. 

FIBC Bags: The Common And Beneficial Uses

As a reliable and trusted FIBC Manufacturer in India we have highlighted some of the most common industries at which these bags have become increasingly popular due to their various beneficial properties, including cost-effectiveness, versatility, and ease of use. Here are some common and beneficial uses of FIBC bags:

Leading FIBC Bags Manufacturer – FIBC Bags are made from a thick, woven polypropylene that comes with a UV treated finish. These can hold 2,000 to 3,000 pounds all of it depending on the size of the FIBC bulk bag. The dimensions and weight can be calculated according to your requirements with our fibc bag weight calculator.

Thus, we are a trusted and reputed FIBC bags supplier, offering high-quality and reliable bulk packaging solutions. With a wide range of FIBC bags tailored to meet various industrial needs, we provide efficient and cost-effective packaging solutions for transporting and storing bulk materials. Our commitment to superior quality, timely delivery, and excellent customer service has always made us a preferred choice among businesses in need of reliable FIBC bags. Hence, trust us for all your bulk packaging requirements and experience our impression of exceptional product performance.

FIBC Bags Manufacturer in India – The dimension and weight specifications can vary according to your requirements. These flexible bulk bags are designed with precision for storing and transporting goods.

Types of FIBC Bag we manufacture –

We have categories under the FIBC bag which includes –

  • Regular Jumbo Bags (Type A)

Type A FIBCs are made of plain-woven polypropylene and other non-conductive fabrics. It can be used to safely transport non-flammable products.

  • Anti-static Jumbo Bags (Type B)

Similar to type A, but are made of plain woven polypropylene fabrics or other non-conductive material. Type B bags do not have any mechanism for dissipating static electricity. They can be used for transporting dry, flammable powders. 

  • Conductive Bulk Bags (Type C)

This FIBC bag type is made from non-conductive polypropylene fabrics interwoven with conducting threads. It can be used to transport flammable powders.

The following are the types that are available for the aforementioned types.

  • U + 2 and circular bags – 

Circular FIBC bags are made from polypropylene that is woven into two circular loops. These are the best choice for storing granular products or fine products. The straps stand up on their own for easy use.

  • Liners with or without tabbing –

FIBC bags come with plastic liners inserted and sewn to it. This is to provide protection against leaking and for a moisture barrier. You can choose the tab or without it according to your requirements.

  • Bags for hazardous commodity (UN Bags) –

UN FIBC bags are designed and certified to carry hazardous material. These bags are used to ensure that dangerous goods are safely transported and cause no harm. 

  • Tunnel lift loop bags- 

These FIBC bags have two continuous tunnels on both sides. These bags are easy to work with, as one person can pick it up and also the withdrawal is easy with tunnels.

  • Ventilated bags (with and without interlocking) –

These FIBC bulk bags are designed to permit the required airflow through the fabric. These are breathable, protective and very strong; can be used for products that require clear ventilation.

  • Glued liner bags –

The tabs in glued liner FIBC bags are glued to the liner and then sewed to the body of the bag.

  • Dustproof bags –

This FIBC bag has prevention against leakage. The dustproof layer prevents the possibility of leakage. There can be single, double, or triple dust proofing too according to the requirements.

  • Single loop and two loop bags –

Single loop and two loop FIBC bags are mostly used to transport bulk loads.

  • Bottle shaped/ pre-shaped liner bags –

When a FIBC bulk bag is fitted with a bottle type liner, it is a bottle-shaped liner bag. It is the best for the ease of filling and also for discharging. 

  • Certified food grade bags from cleanroom production –

The certified food grade bags from cleanroom production undergo an audit and are certified by food safety standards. These FIBC bags can be used for the transportation of food products in strictly hygienic conditions.

  • Baffle bags –

FIBC Bags Supplier – These FIBC bags are a cost-effective solution for transportation. These bags are designed to allow maximum storage in less space. FIBC Bags Manufacturers in Chile

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