BOPP woven bag

BOPP Bags Manufacturers in India

BOPP woven Bag – Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene is a propylene film that has been stretched using two machines across both directions. Available in various standard specifications, our BOPP woven bag have high transparency, clarity, and excellent tensile strength. Great durability and lasting prints embossed on the bags make the right representation of the brand. We also kept BOPP woven bag cost-effective which makes them best suitable for the bulk orders. We are most trusted Bopp Bag manufacturer in India.

Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) bags have gained significant popularity in various industries due to their numerous benefits. These bags are made from a thin film of polypropylene that has been stretched in both machine and transverse directions, resulting in a durable and versatile packaging solution.

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  • BOPP woven bag

    Excellent Clarity

  • BOPP woven bag

    High Tensile Strength

  • BOPP woven bag

    Corona Treatment on both sides

  • BOPP woven bag

    High Gloss

  • BOPP woven bag

    Good Dimensional Stability and Flatness

  • BOPP woven bag

    Reverse Printing Ability

  • BOPP woven bag

    Low Electrostatic Charge

  • BOPP woven bag


BOPP woven bag

Bopp Bag Manufacturer in India

BOPP Bags Manufacturers  – The BOPP woven bag give excellent protection to your products. The BOPP bags are stronger than any other bags, as they are made with a 3 layer mingle of PP woven fabric, PP lamination, and Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene film. The durability is at par the best and these bags can stand even in heavy wear and tear.

The bags don’t stop just at the durability, they extend with amazing features like moisture protection. The film that is used to laminate creates a hurdle between the goods and the water or moisture. Being the BOPP bags manufacturers in India, the bags goes through a number of procedures where the film is cut into tapes, then woven into a fabric and laminated later with a layer that binds everything together.

Types of BOPP woven bag – 

  • Valve block bottom bags –

The valve block bottom BOPP Woven bag is widely used for packaging in cement and chemical industry. These are available in various sizes, dimensions and colour.

  • Valve bags – 

For the ease of packaging, the valve BOPP Woven bag are best. The valve allows easy insertion of products and acts as a barrier for the air from outside to enter.

  • AD star bags –

In AD star BOPP bags, only one layer of material is used, and no adhesives are required to seal the bag. These bags are used in the seed and grain, fertilizer, fine chemicals, animal feed industry, and many more industries which require transportation of finer goods.

  • Pinch bottom bags –

It has the bottom pinched with hot glue and is perfectly suited for packaging dry pet food or fertilizer, seeds, floor or rice can also be stored.

  • EZ open bags –

These BOPP woven bag can be opened from the mouth side easily. All you have to do is hold the wide tape and pull the narrow tape and it will easily open from the mouth. This bag cannot be re-stitched once opened from the mouth.

  • Bottom stitched bags –

These BOPP bags have their bottom stitched strongly so that products are safe inside and no moisture penetrates.

BOPP Bags Manufacturers  – BOPP is just one of our products, you can also scroll through some of the other varieties, that includes PP woven fabric roll, PP woven bags, and FIBC Bulk bags. For a more informed purchase, make sure you use fibc bag weight calculator and find what fits the best. 

Benefits of BOPP Bags

As trusted bopp bags manufacturers we would like to explore some of the key benefits of BOPP bags.

Excellent Clarity: They offer exceptional transparency, allowing for clear visibility of the contents inside. This feature is particularly advantageous for industries such as food and beverages, where product visibility and appeal are crucial. The high clarity of BOPP bags enhances product presentation and helps attract customers.

Moisture Resistance: One of the primary advantages of these bags is their excellent moisture resistance. These bags act as a barrier against moisture, preventing the contents from getting damaged due to humidity, water, or other moisture-related factors. Industries dealing with products like grains, pet food, fertilizers, and chemicals greatly benefit from BOPP bags as they ensure the integrity and quality of the packaged goods.

Superior Strength and Durability: They are known for their high tensile strength and durability. The biaxial orientation process strengthens the polypropylene film, enabling it to withstand rough handling during transportation and storage. The bags are resistant to tearing, puncturing, and abrasion, providing a reliable packaging solution for various goods.

Lightweight and Cost-effective: They are lightweight, which makes them cost-effective for transportation purposes. Their lightness reduces freight costs and allows for higher stacking density, optimizing storage space. Moreover, the manufacturing process of BOPP bags is relatively economical, making them a cost-efficient packaging choice for businesses.

UV Protection: Many BOPP bags are designed to provide ultraviolet (UV) protection. This feature is essential for industries that deal with light-sensitive products such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and agricultural commodities. BOPP bags with UV protection ensure that the packaged goods remain unaffected by harmful UV rays, extending their shelf life and maintaining product quality.

Versatile Printing Options: They offer excellent printability, allowing businesses to showcase their brand logos, product information, and attractive designs. The bag can be printed using various techniques like flexographic, gravure, or digital printing, enabling vibrant and eye-catching graphics. The versatility in printing options makes the bopp woven bag an excellent marketing tool, enhancing brand visibility and recognition.

Uses of BOPP Bags

Being renowned bopp bags manufacturers we ensure that the BOPP bags we manufacture find extensive usage in numerous industries across the globe. Their versatility and beneficial features make them an ideal choice for various packaging needs. Let’s explore some of the common uses of BOPP bags in different sectors.

Food and Beverage Industry: They are widely used for packaging food products such as snacks, confectioneries, pasta, rice, spices, and more. Their clarity, moisture resistance, and ability to retain product freshness make them suitable for food packaging. Additionally, they can be customized with attractive designs, helping food brands create visually appealing packaging.

Agriculture and Horticulture: They are used for packaging agricultural products like seeds, fertilizers, animal feed, and pesticides. The bags protect the contents from moisture, pests, and UV radiation, ensuring the quality and efficacy of the agricultural inputs. BOPP bags with UV protection are particularly beneficial for protecting sensitive seeds and chemicals.

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries: They are employed for packaging various chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and petrochemicals. Their excellent moisture barrier properties and resistance to punctures and tears make them suitable for storing and transporting chemicals safely. They also provide protection against UV rays, which is crucial for preserving the integrity of pharmaceutical products.

Retail and Apparel: They are commonly used in the retail sector for packaging clothing, garments, shoes, and accessories. The bags’ clarity allows customers to easily view the products, while their strength and durability ensure the safe transportation and storage of these items. BOPP bags with customized printing can also serve as promotional packaging for retail brands.

Stationery and Electronics: The bags find application in packaging stationery items such as pens, pencils, erasers, and markers. The bags protect these products from moisture and damage during transit. Additionally, they are also utilized for packaging small electronic components, ensuring their safe handling and preventing electrostatic discharge.


In conclusion, the bopp woven bag offers a compelling solution for packaging needs in various industries. The benefits of using BOPP bags, such as excellent clarity, moisture resistance, superior strength, cost-effectiveness, UV protection, and versatile printing options, make them a preferred choice for businesses. Whether it’s the food and beverage industry, agriculture, chemicals, retail, or electronics, these bags provide the necessary protection and durability for a wide range of products. With their ability to preserve product integrity, enhance brand visibility, and optimize storage and transportation costs, BOPP bags prove to be a practical and reliable packaging option. By choosing BOPP woven bags, businesses can ensure that their products remain fresh, secure, and visually appealing, ultimately contributing to customer satisfaction and brand success.

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