PP Woven Bag Manufacturer

PP Woven Bags Manufacturer in India

SAPL is one of the leading PP woven bags manufacturer in India and exporter in the international market. Owing to long experience, we offer the best quality bags, tailored to customer’s specifications. PP bags are largely flexible, durable, and cost-effective, which makes them highly usable in packing and transporting bulk commodities. We are the global leaders in manufacturing PP woven bags as per the specifications given by the client in a variety of sizes, colours, and quality.

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  • PP Woven Bag Manufacturer

    Assured Durability

  • PP Woven Bag Manufacturer

    Bags with UV Stability

  • PP Woven Bag Manufacturer

    Water and dustproof bags with PP Liners and lamination

  • PP Woven Bag Manufacturer

    Humidity resistant, anti-skid print

  • PP Woven Bag Manufacturer

    Fully Recycled

PP Woven Bag Manufacturer

PP Woven Bag Manufacture in India

Types of PP woven bags : PP Woven Bag Manufacturer

  • Valve block bottom bags –

Block bottom valve PP woven bags are the strongest compared to other industrial bags. These are designed using stretched tapes over the PP woven fabric that makes them resistant to dropping, pushing and twisting.

  • Valve bags –

Made with polypropylene woven material, these bags feature a stable block bottom and self-sealing valves, ideal for quick and easy filling.

  • AD star bags –

AD star bags refers to a woven PP small packaging bag that is filled using the valve in the bag. It is ideal for easy and instant filling.

  • Pinch bottom bags –

It is a laminated PP woven bag with the sewn top and an easy open strip for perfect packaging. PP Woven Bag Manufacturer

  • EZ open bags –

This bag is used to avoid duplication as once it is open it cannot be re-stitched. EZ-Open PP Woven Bags are widely used for packing of animal food or any types of commodities, especially dry products.

  • Bottom stitched bags – 

PP woven bags manufacturer in India – The bottom stitched bags have a strong base for proper shoving of products and to ensure safe transportation of products that are fine and granular.

For large manufacturing, you can also opt for the PP woven fabric roll that has multitude of applications. PP Woven Bag Manufacturer

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