An Overview Of Over-Sized Spout bottom FIBCs!

Bulk bags are a tremendous boon to any operation that involves storing and transportation of goods. The journey of product storage in FIBC bags goes like this – Filling the bag with the product, transportation, and the discharging or emptying at the final location.
And, this process involves a lot of precision, especially when it comes to discharging and filling. The top and bottom attachments of the FIBC have to be perfect.
Picking the right kind of discharge system helps you save time and money and enhances the efficiency of the entire operation and product handling.
There are a variety of ways to discharge products from the FIBC bags, but the most widely recognised discharge option is an outlet attached to the base of the bag, known as the spout bottom.

What is Spout Bottom?
The bottom of the bag is fashioned as a funnel that allows to discharge the product. The spout bottom FIBCs are the most common discharge spout with dimensions being 14’’ Diameter by 18’’ Length. And, these are also customizable as per the required size. FIBCs material is classic and can be discharged without any harm.

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These also have a safety tie to ensure that there is no leakage of the product. Not only this, discharge spouts can be accompanied by a safety valve, spout cover, or flap to provide protection from product leakage.

One must pay attention to the bottom structure of the FIBC as it will help in a smooth process and maintain hygiene.

Oversized Spout Bottom is just the spout bottom with a wider structure; just double of what is standard. This is important for those who want the discharging to be more smooth and efficient. It promises a lot of benefits that are mentioned below –

    1. Solve issues like Bridging:
      Bridging is a major issue in FIBC bags. It affects the operations as blockages are equivalent to slow production. It is experienced when the product sticks to the sides while discharging; resultantly clogging the bag’s spout bottom. To mitigate it, discharge spouts with wider dimensions are perfect. So, if you have a product with high moisture, you will need an oversized discharge spout bottom for your FIBC bag as it will have a faster discharge rate, which means less adhering to the sides of the bag.

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  1. Increases efficiency:
    With the wider spout bottom bags, your work will be at ease! There will be no blockages, which will enable you to extract the product more efficiently and at a faster discharge rate. Also, there is a safety valve provided in many FIBC bag’s bottoms that can be tightened to secure.

This increased efficiency can have a significant impact on your industrial operations.These were a few insights about the spout discharge and how an over-sized spout discharge! If your industry applications include a lot of high-moisture products (Agricultural goods, or powders with high moisture) to be transported and stored, then these FIBCs can be super-helpful.

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