How Flexible Packaging Became an Extension for Branding and Marketing

Packaging is a vital element of a product and it’ll play a crucial part in its salability. Packaging isn’t any longer a simple outside covering of a product/good for its protection; it’s a contributing factor for its rise in marketability. A beautiful, vividly packaging of a product, to an extent, creates a positive image about it within the minds of consumers. Therefore, packaging isn’t just used as a way to protect a product during storage and transportation, it’s also utilized as a promotional and marketing tool.

Earlier the packaging role was simply to protect a product from dust and sun and also from damage in the process of handling. With new advancements, new legislation was incorporated for good merchandising. It resulted in the importance and necessity for a suitable type and quality of packaging.

Today’s marketing involves a game of brand names who sell the most in the market. Reebok, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, and Lee Cooper are the icons for both old and young. Those brands speak to the prestige and social stature of any individual.

The present age of fierce competition has allowed the consumer to choose the brand of product to be consumed from among a high quantity of competing brands. That brand choice availability resulted in a rapid erosion of the consumer’s loyalty for a certain brand. Consumers are resorting to impulse buying; they’re eager to try out new brands. Therefore, today’s companies not just take product development and research studies to improve upon the product quality yet also attempt to add value to their goods by way of innovative packaging.

Packaging Functionalities

Nowadays packaging is made to take care of the ease of its use and also differentiate a brand from its competition. In the instance of several products, reusable packaging also is used to appeal to consumers.

Packaging is a functionality of both advertising, as well as physical distribution. It’s important that the most recent packaging materials and techniques be used. Most organizations, which includes the Indian Institute of Packaging renders helpful suggestions to marketers on the nature of packaging designs, as well as the materials that should be used which might be appropriate for a certain product.

What is the Importance of Packaging?

As a function, packaging has two different dimensions – the technology and science, as well as behavioral element associated with the art of product design, enhancing the value of the contents and passing on the impression to the consumer subtly or directly.

All in all, it may be concluded that packaging is a vital and integral element of a product. It not just assists in protecting a product from becoming damaged while being handled yet also protects it as an appealing package that works as a silent salesman.

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