How To Choose Your FIBC Bag

If you want to buy FIBC bags, you have to make sure you’re purchasing bags from a reputable FIBC bags manufacturer. In addition, of crucial importance, is the type of FIBC bag you choose to purchase, and this selection is dependent upon the fabric of the bulk bags.

Usually, it is possible to pick from Types A, B, C and D FIBC bags.

Bulk Bags: Type A

These types of bags are designed of plain-woven polypropylene, as well as additional non-conducive fabrics. The bags provide no static protection and static electricity gets produced as goods rub against one another inside the bags or as the bags are either emptied or filled.

If you need to transport non-flammable goods, it’s the FIBC bag you should choose.

Bulk Bags: Type B

Such bags are most like the Type A bags and also are designed of non-conducive fabrics, as well as plain-woven polypropylene, and they don’t dissipate static electricity. The difference in Type A bags and Type B ones is that the latter possess low breakdown voltage, which means they have the ability to prevent burst discharges but can’t disperse electrostatic charges.

If you need to transport flammable, dry powders, this one is the proper selection; yet they mustn’t be utilized in dusty environments whereby the ignition energy is over 3mJ.

Bulk Bags: Type C

The conductive FIBC bags also are referred to as ground-able bulk bags and are designed of non-conductive polypropylene fabrics. The fabrics then are interwoven with conducting threads within a grid-like manner. As they’re discharged or filled, there has to be an electrical interconnection between conducting threads and additionally an earthing connection.

If you need to transport, as well as store flammable powders, this one is the way to go.

Bulk Bags: Type D

Such bags are designed of static, as well as antistatic dissipative fabrics like quasi-conductive yarns which prevent incendiary sparks, brush discharges, and propagation of brush discharges, without the necessity of an earthing connection. Their emphasis is on a low-energy corona discharge and the safe dissipation of static electricity.

If you need to store and pack combustible goods in environments which are combustible and flammable, this one is the one you should pick.

You have to opt for an FIBC bulk bag manufacturers with the required experience and expertise in not just producing outstanding food grade bulk bags yet also recognizing the needs of the food sector. They should have expertise in delivering on the requirements of a variety of clients in the food sector. As you arrange a meeting with them, it’ll be an excellent idea to request client references.

In Summary

Before choosing an FIBC bags exporter, it’s important to identify the type of bags you want to select by ensuring that they ideally cater to your needs.

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