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Fibc Bag Weight Calculation & Calculating Weight of Fibc Bag in India, USA & Chile

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container is shortly known as FIBC, which is also commonly known as bulk bags, super sacks, or big bags. These are large bags made of woven polypropylene fabric that are designed to transport and store bulk quantities of dry, flowable materials such as sand, gravel, chemicals, food ingredients, and other granular products.

FIBC bags are preferred by many industries due to their cost-effectiveness, durability, and versatility. They are a popular alternative to traditional packaging methods like drums and boxes, as they can be reused, recycled, and require less storage space when not in use. Additionally, FIBC bags are widely used in the construction, agriculture, chemical, food, and pharmaceutical industries, among others.

What is the FIBC Bag Weight Calculator?

An FIBC bag weight calculation tool is an application used to estimate the weight of a Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC) based on its dimensions, fabric weight, and other specifications. The calculator takes into account various factors that affect the weight of the bag, including the weight of the fabric, the number of lifting loops, and the type of filling and discharge spouts used.

FIBC bag weight calculation tools are useful tools for companies that need to estimate the weight of their bulk bags before shipping or storing them. By knowing the weight of the bags, they can calculate the total weight of the product they are transporting or storing, as well as the total weight of the shipment.

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  • calculating weight of fibc bag

    Convenient, fast loading and unloading of a large volume of goods by means of mechanized equipment.

  • calculating weight of fibc bag

    Fast and efficient distribution.

  • calculating weight of fibc bag


  • calculating weight of fibc bag

    Fully Recyclable

  • calculating weight of fibc bag

    Cost-effective due to less transport cost and more storage space

  • calculating weight of fibc bag

    Easy and safe transport of goods

  • calculating weight of fibc bag

    Made of polypropylene fabric of different basis weights and strength parameters

  • calculating weight of fibc bag

    Coated/laminated with PP to protect goods from moisture and dust

calculating weight of fibc bag

Types We Manufacture

Calculating Weight of Fibc Bag

Sudarshan Add PACK : Refining the Quality in FIBC Bags

Sudarshan Add Pack, a global manufacturer and supplier of great quality FIBC Bags serving with a great reputation and trustworthy impact in the three major countries that are India, USA and Chile. We also serve in various industries in many other different countries, including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay, France, Italy, and Israel. With a wide range of FIBC bag varieties, including different sizes, capacities, and features, we serve the diverse needs of our each and every valuable customer. Our global presence and strong reputation in the FIBC bag industry has recognized us as a trusted supplier for uncountable small and big companies residing in many different regions.

Calculating weight of FIBC Bags has always been an uneasy task for every in-bulk product supplier, thus keeping in mind to help our customers with their FIBC needs we also offer a reliable and great supportive tool known as the FIBC Bag Weight Calculator. This helpful tool is a valuable resource for all our customers who need to determine the weight of their FIBC bags based on the dimensions and specifications of their product. This calculator is easy to use and can help our customers optimize their shipping and handling processes, saving them time and money.

Manufacturing the Quality, Supplying with Standards

We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality FIBC bags that are safe, efficient, and reliable. Our expertise and experience in the field of manufacturing and providing effective tools for Calculating weight of FIBC Bag in the Industry enable us to provide custom solutions to our customers ba sed on their unique requirements. Thus, let’s explore some of the amazing varieties of our high quality FIBC Bags that we manufacture.

Types of FIBC Bag we manufacture –

We have categories under the FIBC bag which includes –

  • Regular Jumbo Bags (Type A)

Type A FIBC bags are large reusable bags made of durable materials used for storing, transporting, and carrying bulk items in various industries and for individual use.

  • Anti-Static Jumbo Bags (Type B)

Type B FIBC bags are designed with specialized materials to prevent the build-up of static electricity, making them ideal for transporting and storing flammable or explosive materials.

  • Conductive Bulk Bags (Type C)

Type C FIBC bags are designed to safely transport and store materials that are susceptible to electrostatic discharge, such as chemicals and powders while also allowing the bags to be grounded, making them suitable for handling flammable materials.

Also, Calculating Weight of FIBC Bag in all these various types of FIBC bags can be easily done with the help of our FIBC Bag Weight Calculator. Providing this amazing tool to our valuable clients free of cost have helped us a lot in gaining their trust.